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How it started 

How Reeses Crystals started!I started my journey mid 2021 and started to like crystals. I had collected some when I was

 younger, but just started to get know them and learn their properties, the different types, and started getting connected 

to them. In around mid November 2021, I decided I wanted to start a crystal business called Reeses Crystals! That is how I started, but I still had to order inventory, make a website and so much more. It took a while to make everything as great as I can   but on January 12th  2022, I finally launched.  I love all of the crystals in my shop so much. Everything ranges from tumbles, raws, bigger items, jewelry, and a few more things. I'm very proud of all that I have done and I hope you like all of the crystals, and my shop in general!<3

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